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Thank you Daryl for getting me going again following my recent hip injuries. The treatment and advice seem to be working. Excellent doesn't quite rate you highly enough!

KT , Swindon

I had been having increasing problems with pain starting in my lower back and running down my leg, down to the knee, particularly on the left hand side. I started down the usual route of going to the doctor, who diagnosed sciatica and referred me to the NHS physiotherapist. After months of waiting, in increasing discomfort, I got to the see the physio who gave me some exercises to go along with the painkillers I had been prescribed. After several weeks perseverance, it was no better; worse, if anything.

Was this it? Would I be in pain now and on painkillers for the rest of my life?I was a member of David Lloyds at the time, though my activities were rather hampered by my problem. I'd seen the posters outside his treatment room at the gym and, since it was one of his days there, decided to knock and see if there was anything that Daryl could do for me. Luckily, he had a slot then and there.After a talk and some careful observation of posture, movement etc. he said that he could probably help and proceeded to teach me some stretching postures. After a few minutes of these, for the first time in months, the pain was almost gone! Positively miraculous. This was followed up by some massage on the bench, with instructions to do the stretches three times a day for the next three weeks, then go back for another session.Well, things just got better and better and, after a few days, I was totally pain-free, though I did as instructed and continued for the next few weeks until I saw him again.When I did, he could tell that things had improved from my posture. So, another massage and I was done. Now, I just do those same stretches once a week or so and the problem has never returned.Some time later, old knee problems flared up once more. Many years ago, I had been prescribed orthotics for pronation, but these had worn out and not been replaced. So, after the previous success, I consulted Daryl, who was confident that he could fix my problems without the need for orthotics.The first session was an evaluation, coming up with the appropriate exercises plus acupuncture and massage (which was really very painful, though I was warned). Over the next couple of months, I had maybe three more sessions, mostly with just the massage, but at the end of it, my knee pain had gone. It has not come back, two years later.I cannot recommend Moveology strongly enough. Both of the conditions for which I consulted him had been left uncured by tradition medical routes. However, in both cases, a handful of sessions with Daryl saw the problems gone completely, without the need for drugs or mechanical appliances. The guy is a magician!!p.s. if he tells you it's going to hurt, don't worry - he's immune to bad language.

CC , Swindon

Highly recommend! Thank you Daryl for getting me back on track. I promise to keep up with the exercises �. A very professional service with excellent knowledge.

TM , Swindon

Daryl's expertise is by far the best I have seen. I met a few osteopaths in the past and I can say that Daryl is the best of them all. I would highly recommend.

MA , Swindon

Absolutely blown away with Daryl. He was recommended to me by one of my clients, had my first assessment which, identified what was wrong very quickly. He listened and the treatment was very professional. I will be having a few sessions due to my problems and it is money well spent, could not recommend him enough, skills are incredible. Everyone needs a Daryl in their life!!  

LD , Swindon

I am an ex-manager of an Osteopathic clinic, II would like to say that Daryl is an extremely competent osteopath as he really helped me. I took his advice and i still do the exercises nearly every day, which keeps me free from pain.

ES , Swindon

After carrying a calf muscle injury for 18 months or so, I decided to enter the corporate cancer research race for life in May 2017. I would not have made it round the course without the excellent treatment received under the care of Daryl. Would definitely recommend Moveology.  

IH , Swindon

The only guys I will see to keep me injury see and performing at my very best in & out of the gym

LS , Luton

I can't speak highly enough about this company. The guys are professional and friendly so immediately put you at ease. They find the best solution to meet your individual needs and they've always done a brilliant job for me.

KD , Swindon

Had excellent service from Doug when my achillies went, and when I pulled my hamstring during the Fathers race at my Daughters school sports day!!
i can't recommend Doug and his team highly enough

NM , St Albans

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