St Albans: 01727 856 869 / Swindon: 07912 351 362

We are at The Welwyn Half Marathon this Sunday!

Come and see us for a pre/post race massage. Just look for the Moveology flags. See you there!

Case Study

Helping a tennis coach to get rid of his lower back and leg pain and return to full movement

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RT @rickygervais: If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.

Great morning at the St Albans 10k this morning. Our new gazebo looked great in the morning sun, thanks to…

Come and say hi at the St Albans 10k tomorrow. We will be there with our new gazebo and the usual flags, so you ca…

#rant1 - the doctors are rubbish! Sure, after 5 years of #medical school and 5-7 years as a junior they are ‘rubbis…


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