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  • Helping a tennis coach to get rid of his lower back and leg pain and return to full movement


We examined and assessed SP both in the clinic and in the studio. By using video of his gait to allow us to observe and analyse any movements that should be present in his natural walking pattern but that might be missing, we could see that he had limited rotation of his lumber spine. This was resulting in both muscular and structural adaptations all the way through his body, down to his big toe!


We decided to tackle such a wide range of issues by starting with the feet and working up through the body. The first part of the plan was to use Moveology wedges which resulted in an immediate increase in movement within the feet, freeing up restrictions between forefoot and rearfoot of both feet. Then we reassessed SP to see how the extra movement had affected his gait. This process pinpointed that he needed help to ‘remind’ his brain that he needed to ‘hitch’ his hip in the suspension phase of the gait cycle before he could have any chance of improving further.


After the first session, we asked SP to go for a stroll around our studio and report any changes back to us. He came back beaming and told us that his feet felt ‘lighter’. When we showed him the video footage we shot of him before and after treatment he could see that his pelvis was already starting to move better in gait.

We are continuing to work with SP on a weekly basis until his triathlon season gets into full swing. He feels that he is making exceptional progress as he can now move around the courts much more easily and his Personal Best times are coming down in his triathlon training. We’re delighted to hear that the pain he was experiencing when he came to see us a few months ago has almost completely disappeared.